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  Compilation of video illustrations for courses covered by all of the district school boards across North America!

The purposes of the contents presented in these pages illustrate the topics taught by majority of the school boards in North America. The materials available through our pages are supplementary to materials provided by schools and our tutorial services.

Please refer to the prerequisite trees page to see the recommended courses and materials students should be familiar with prior to enrolling in a course. Students may also refer to these pages to plan their future courses.

Video tutorials for each topic in a section will have 3 different presenters. This provides access to different educating strategies on any one topic. (Please also note that the topics are not listed in any particular or recommended order). We advise you to use our compiled sources with discretion (as they are outside sources). If you find errors or mistakes with the videos you access, please inform us via or by completing our form. We appreciate your input and look forward to improving your satisfaction level.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in submitting your videos or video playlist to our video bank, please contact us at

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